Roatan Island Tour, East to West

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Enjoy the best of Roatan from East to West and everywhere in between on this full island tour. Roatan Oak Tree full island tour allows you to experience Roatan to the fullest and at your own pace. On this adventurous tour you will get away from the crowd on the West end side of the island and head east to see the Roatan most tourists don’t get to see.

We will start your full Roatan island tour by taking a sightseeing tour through Coxen Hole, the capital of Roatan and the Bay Islands, followed by French Harbour, home to the largest fishing fleet in Roatan. The first stop on our tour itinerary will be at Sherman Arch’s Iguana Farm Roatan Iguana Farmand Marine Park. At this one of kind tourists’ attraction you will get to interact with hundreds of domesticated iguanas rooming freely and friendly in their protected environment. This Roatan animals’ haven is also home to monkeys, parrots, lobsters, sea turtles and other marine animals, all available for your viewing and enjoyment on this exciting tour.

The next stop on this tour will be at the view’s hill top where you will be able to see both sides of Roatan, purchase a cold drink of your choice or shop at any of the many vendors displaying their products that includes anything from hammocks to handmade jewelry and art works.

This tour will make a stop in the small village of Punta Gorda, home to the proud Garifuna people of Roatan. It is believed that this community was born on April 12, 1797 when a group of free African slaves traveling by sea from Saint Vincent on a trip that lasted more than a month, descended on Roatan beaches. With a lot of courage and determination these proud people have of Roatan have maintained their African culture, including their cultural dance, La Punta, which is considered the national dance of Honduras. This tour will take you through this small village and make stops so you can experience the culture, dance, and local food such as Cassabe and Machuca of these proud and friendly people of Roatan.

After experiencing the Garifuna culture, our tour will head further East to the village of Oak Ridge (the Venice of the Caribbean) where we will drive through Pandy Town and see the local as they go about their everyday lives. In Pandy town our tour will make a stop at Aunt Nelly’s house where you will be able to purchase delicious homemade coconut breads, yucca, potato or pumpkin cake. Collectively these cakes are called “bush cakes” and are very popular in Roatan and aunt nelly makes the best bush cake you will ever taste. Aunt Nelly is one of the oldest living Pandy, the family name from which the name” Pandy Town” is derived.

We will continue on our Roatan island tour adventure by heading to Fiddlers Bight which is the end of the Road on the eastern side of the island. Here you will embark on a taxi dory and continue your tour through the mangrove Calabash Bight, after which we will head back to the west side of Roatan.

After sightseeing through Roatan Eastern villages and Mangrove canals our tour we will head back West making a stop at the magnificent Parrot Tree Resort where you will get to enjoy beautiful, uncrowded, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters of Roatan. At Parrot Tree Resort you can frolic on the beach, take a quick lunch, or enjoy your favorite drink while soaking-up the Sun and Sea of beautiful Roatan.

This Roatan island tour, from East to West, concludes when we get you back safe and sound to your cruise ship.

Price for this Tour

2 people = $ 80 each
3 people = $ 70 each
4 people or more $ 60 each.

The entrance fee to the Iguana farm is an additional $8 paid to the farm.

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